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Hospitalization can be of two types:

  • Planned Hospitalization: This happens when you have ample time to plan your admission to the hospital. For example, if your doctor advises a surgery for hernia anytime in the next few weeks, you have time to plan your hospitalization
  • Emergency Hospitalization: This happens typically in case of emergencies, such as a road traffic accident. One cannot plan for such hospitalization.

Medi Assist empowers you to manage you hospitalization with great ease. With Medi Assist, you can:

  • Choose your preferred network hospital with full visibility into specialties, room types, rates, packages and discounted tariffs, etc.
    Watch this video to learn more about the powerful network hospital search capability on Medi Assist.
  • Opt for cashless hospitalization and thus minimize out of pocket spend
  • Avail the benefit of repriced tariffs and discounted packages contracted by Medi Assist with network hospitals and thus reduce your overall cost of care.
  • Plan a hassle-free eCashless hospitalization from the comfort of your home without having to visit the hospital.
    Watch this video to learn more about eCashless or submit your first eCashless here.

Depending on the situation and your policy coverage, you can make two types of health insurance claims:

  • Cashless: The essence of cashless hospitalization is that the insured need not make an upfront payment to the hospital at the time of admission.
  • Reimbursement: A reimbursement claim is one where you pay all the expenses related to the hospitalization of the insured and claim a reimbursement of your expenses after discharge.

Cashless claims

Cashless hospitalization can be availed only at a Medi Assist network hospital and upon approval of your pre-authorization application. Click here, for details of availing cashless hospitalization.

Watch this video to learn more about the powerful network hospital search capability on Medi Assist to avail a cashless hospitalization.


eCashless from Medi Assist is a whole new way of experiencing cashless hospitalization. eCashless gives you the power to get a provisional preauthorization even before you walk into the hospital.

  1. Book your cashless admission on your mobile phone.
  2. Get a provisional approval before date of admission.
  3. Walk in with a secure passcode and claim your preauthorization.
  4. Enjoy a truly green channel experience at your hospital.

Watch this video to know how eCashless works and read these FAQs to learn more.

Reimbursement claims

Reimbursement claims may be filed in the case of hospitalization at a non-network hospital or for post-hospitalization and pre-hospitalization expenses. Click here for details of submitting a reimbursement claim.
Medi Assist allows you to submit your reimbursement claim online. Watch this video to learn more about online claim submission.

Track Claims in real-time

Medi Assist allows you to track your claim in real-time, anytime and from anywhere – just click the Claims tile to check your claim status. Additionally, Medi Assist sends SMS notifications throughout the lifecycle of your claim that keeps you updated on your claim status. Want your claim status right now? Click here to get started.

Medi Assist is a great place to make healthy living a habit.

  • Get your daily health tip on to start your day with a healthy dose of health. Click the Health Tips menu on your Medi Assist.
  • Learn something new on a range of health and wellness topics.
  • Begin your tryst with fitness with mFitness apps from Mobiefit. Walking, running or body building – take your pick.
  • Choose your preferred outpatient service on Medi Assist, India’s first curated network for cashless outpatient services. 


Medi Assist is India’s first curated network for cashless outpatient services. Featuring top hospitals and diagnostic centres, on Infiniti you will be able to compare and choose from health screening packages, lab tests, consultation with doctors, prescription medicines and so much more. We leverage our strong partnership with leading hospitals and diagnostic centres to get deep discounts on the MRP of the packages and medicines listed on Medi Assist. All services covered under your insurance policy can be made cashless.

Click here to start exploring or visit the Offers page to view the latest offers waiting to be availed.

× Refund Policy

Medi Assist Healthcare Services Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Tower-D, 4th Floor, IBC Knowledge Park, 4/1, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore- 560029 ("Medi Assist, we, us"), owns and operates Web Page/ Portal and a mobile application under the brand name MAven (collectively referred to as the "Platform") where users can make payment to obtain/ enhance the coverage under insurance policies and to purchase the products and/ or services available on the Platform, provided the policy allows that. However, the payment gateway facility is made available in consultation with the Insurer and your employer ("User" or "Users" or "you").

This Refund policy ("Policy") sets out Medi Assist's conditions, procedures and policies in accepting Refund requests from the Users. Any refund against the request received by the User is subject to the discretion of the concerned insurance company on whose behalf the payment is collected and shall be governed by the terms and conditions set out under this Policy.

Standard Process for claiming Refund:

Users shall write to of Medi Assist for claiming a refund within 21 days of making the payment or closure of the window period. Medi Assist in return will acknowledge the receipt of such request through mail to User. The relationship team shall further forward such a request to Insurer to carry out the due diligence for necessary evidence/proof from the User and will check the merit of the request and a decision on refund request will be taken. If it is found that the User is eligible for a refund, Medi Assist will send the verified refund request to the payment gateway through which the original payment was made and the refund will be done as per below mentioned scenarios:

In case of including additional beneficiaries to the individual policy of the User:

Medi Assist reserves the right to look into the request of the User (as stated in the paragraph above) for including additional beneficiaries and determine if such inclusion is viable and if Medi Assist is satisfied that the request can be considered, then Medi Assist will facilitate the refund to the source within 10-21 business days subject to the bank turnaround time and RBI Guidelines.

In case of erroneous or double payments:

Medi Assist reserves the right to look into the transaction history database and if there has been an erroneous payment or double payment from the User and if Medi Assist is satisfied that there has been an erroneous payment or double payment, then Medi Assist will process the refund to the source within 3 - 7 business days subject to the bank turnaround time and RBI Guidelines.

General Terms and Conditions:

For any delay caused by Medi Assist in issuing a refund beyond the above stipulated period, the User will be entitled to interest at the rate of prevailing Bank Interest rates from the due date of credit till the date of actual credit.

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India and the courts at Bangalore only shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters arising out of this Policy.